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Denise Beyer—Allamakee County Auditor
Chris Gavin—First Deputy

Janel Egleseder-Payroll Clerk

Kelly Ryan-Urell-Clerk
Allamakee County Auditor's Office
110 Allamakee St
Waukon, IA 52172
Phone: (563)568-3522
Fax: (563)568-4978
E-Mail: dbeyer@co.allamakee.ia.us
Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.,M-F


Left to Right:  Kelly Ryan-Urell, Denise Beyer, Janel Eglseder, Chris Gavin
 Ballots returned by US Postal Service MUST be postmarked with date of May 4 or earlier to be counted.  If the post office fails to postmark your ballot and it is received after election day, it cannot be counted.

May 5, 2015 UNOFFICIAL Vote results for Public Safety Center bond referendum:

1143 YES526 NO
Percent Yes68.48412%

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Duties of the Auditor’s Office

Clerk to Board of Supervisors — The Auditor prepares meeting agendas and notifies the media, maintains all official records of meeting minutes, Board voting records, resolutions, contracts, and correspondence. The office publishes the proceedings and other legal notices. Supervisors meet in the Boardroom Mondays at 9:00 A.M. and other times as necessary.

County Commissioner of Elections - The auditor administers all federal, state, and local elections that take place in the county. Responsibilities include voter registrations, absentee voting, recruitment and training of precinct election officials, printing and counting ballots, receiving nomination papers and notifying voters of elections, certifying results to the state or political subdivision involved and issuing certificates of election to the proper person.




1. ST MARY’S CHURCH, DORCHESTER - Hanover Township and Waterloo Township    


2. WAUKON BANQUET CENTER - French Creek Township, Jefferson Township (except portion lying West of Highway 76, East of 9th Street Southwest and North of Highway 9), Ludlow Township (except portion lying South of North Line Drive, North of Highway 9 and E of Bluebird Lane), Makee Township and Union Prairie Township (except portion lying North of Old Highway 9 (A52), South of Prairie Drive and Prairie Avenue and East of Old Stage Road (W60))   


3. TURNER HALL, POSTVILLE - Franklin Township and Post Township


4. TURNER HALL, POSTVILLE - City of Postville


5. WATERVILLE CITY HALL - City of Waterville, Linton Township and Paint Creek Township


6. HARPERS FERRY COMMUNITY CENTER - City of Harpers Ferry, Fairview Township and Taylor Township


7. KBSB COMMUNITY CENTER - City of Lansing, Center Township, Lafayette Township and Lansing Township


8. NEW ALBIN COMMUNITY CENTER - City of New Albin, Iowa Township and Union City Township


9. NICC CENTER - City of Waukon First Ward


10.ST JOHN’S LUTHERAN CHURCH - City of Waukon Second Ward, that portion of Jefferson Township lying West of Highway 76, East of 9th Street Southwest and North of Highway 9, and that portion of Ludlow Township lying South of North Line Drive, North of Highway 9 and East of Bluebird Lane


11.COURTHOUSE - City of Waukon Third Ward and that portion of Union Prairie Township lying North of Old Highway 9 (A52), South of Prairie Drive and Prairie Avenue and East of Old Stage Road (W60)


Budget — The Auditor receives and compiles budget information from the various county departments and presents it to the Board of Supervisors and monitors the budget throughout the fiscal year. Budgets of other governmental entities are filed with the Auditor such as: Schools, Cities, Townships, Agricultural Extension, Emergency Management, County Assessor, E911 Service Board, etc.

Financial Officer — The Auditor completes a “State of the County” Financial Report at the end of each fiscal year. All county payroll is distributed by this office. Claims for all services and materials rendered and charged to the various county departments are submitted to this office for payment.

Taxable Valuation — The Auditor tabulates the taxable valuation for each property owner in the county—this computation creates the tax rate from which each taxpayer’s statement is prepared.

Overseer of the County Plats — The Auditor enters and maintains records of all real estate transfers in the county. The Auditor keeps the plat maps and transfer books current so the public can examine them and determine property ownership.

Permits — The Auditor processes beer & liquor permits for businesses in unincorporated areas once approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Custodian of Courthouse — The Auditor, under the direction of the Board of Supervisors, is responsible for the general maintenance and repair of the courthouse and handles issues involving office space and records storage.



The above is a list of the services we provide for you in the Auditor’s Office. We are happy to serve you and if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.






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